Bathroom Inspiration 2021

As we launch into the new dawn of 2021, we have been speaking with many homeowners who are planning on refreshing their bathroom. The need for new is noticeable, as renovators are excited about starting the new year with a fresh start.

Whether a complete redesign is needed, or just a few well executed upgrades, there’s never been a better time to invest into an integral part of your largest asset. As you’re probably well aware, the perfect bathroom must be a mixture of both form and function. Thankfully, there are many modern and sophisticated options that are readily available to you. Read on for some bathroom inspiration to help you achieve your dream space.

Vanity, Vanity On The Wall

The humble vanity is a go-to point in any bathroom, so it has a lot of say in the overall feel of the space. With a floating wall vanity, you’ll add aesthetic to mere function. You can even find options with similarities to your existing furniture, be it colour or design. These furniture-like elements can go a long way to making your bathroom feel less utilitarian, and more like an extension of the rest of your home. A stylish wall mounted vanity will also create the illusion of a larger space, as more of the flooring will be visible.

Floating cabinetery

What About Wood?

Adding a touch of wood can completely transform the way the bathroom feels, even though it is relatively simple to do. The space will feel a lot more natural and less like a sanitised laboratory. For an effective contrast to your ceramics, try a darker wood like mahogany. This can create a warmer and more welcoming vibe, which is really catching on at the moment. A couple of tasteful ways to add in some wood is a new vanity, or the frame of your mirror.

Bathroom Inspiration

Seamless Showers

A frameless shower is guaranteed to look beautiful in any bathroom. Installing a shower made of nothing but clear glass will expand the sense of space, and create a seamless flow in and out. Gone are the days of enclosing yourself in a dark wet box, in other words.

Modern Bathroom

Trying Out Tapware

For many years, the only option for your taps was ceramic. How far we have come since then! Once chrome came in of course, it looked to be here to stay. In more recent years however, many more options for tapware have emerged. It started with solid black, then progressed from there into… just about anything! From brilliant gold to a more rustic copper or bronze, you can find the perfect option to fit your space. Changing out the taps is also a relatively simple way of getting a quick new look, as it doesn’t require you to change any other part of the bathroom right away.

Copper taps

But What Colour?

While you may be wanting a colour change, it is generally recommended to avoid bold, bright colours. It may seem like a quirky, fun idea at the time, but you’ll probably be reconsidering it six months from now. At the moment, it is popular to stick to a single understated colour, with the occasional accent. Bear in mind you don’t necessarily have to go with white or black, you could experiment with something in between. Think ivory, charcoal or even sage.

Floating Vanity

Think About Storage

With any upgrade, you’ll likely want to make your bathroom feel more inviting and comfortable. That means you must adhere to three very important words: less is more. When you imagine your dream bathroom, an array of products and potions strewn all over the place probably doesn’t come to mind. Make sure there is ample storage for all of those bathroom bits and bobs. If not stored in the vanity, you may want to think about a shelf or floating cabinet to tidy the space.

Get It Done Right

Whatever your bathroom dreams might be, JT Plumbing can help turn them into reality. We have a lot of experience with many different projects throughout the Bay of Plenty, each with their own unique ideas and spaces. Our plumbing team will work with you to make the process easy and stress-free. JT’s workmanship is also covered under the Master Plumbers Guarantee, so you can be assured of a high quality job, and avoid expensive issues in the future. For more information, get in touch with team or check out our Plumber’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations.

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