Clogged Toilet? Here’s What To Do…

A blocked toilet is probably the most common plumbing problem and can happen for several reasons at any time. Some reasons are not as serious as others and can be fixed by following a few easy steps.

Man unblocking a toilet

Assess The Blockage

Before attempting to unblock your toilet, you should not be tempted to flush your toilet repeatedly to try remove the blockage.  It’s not the best idea, as the water won’t have anywhere to go but back out and all over your bathroom floor.

Remove The Source With Your Hands

If you can see what is causing the blockage, for example a toy or toilet roll, put on a pair of rubber gloves and try remove the item with your hands. If you cannot see anything, then it’s time to pull out the handy plunger to try loosen the blockage.

If you have accidentally flushed your Toilet Duck rim block, then it’s best to call a plumber, as these usually get caught deeper in the toilet and may involve the removal of the toilet itself.

It’s wise to always watch what you flush and remember the 3 P’s: Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper.

When a toilet rim block gets flushed, it's likely to get caught deeper in the toilet. Call a plumber to get this removed.

The Good Old Plunger

Choose a heavy-duty plunger. A handy tip is to rinse the plunger cup under hot water for a minute to soften the rubber. This will help achieve a better mould over the hole of the toilet bowl.

Place the plunger completely over the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl until it is submerged in water. Press down firmly and slowly and pull it back up. Repeat. It’s important, however, that the plunger remains in contact with the toilet bowl at all times, otherwise, you risk getting a splash of toilet water hitting you in the face.

If it is a simple blockage, you will start to see bits and pieces come up into the toilet bowl.

Plunging a toilet can unclog smaller and simpler blockages.

What If The Plunger Did Not Work?

If using the plunger made no difference to the blockage, you have a more serious problem, which will require the help of a certified plumber.

If you have water backing up into the shower and sink, then you may have a line obstruction, and this will require the drainage system to be inspected by a certified plumber. This is something a home DIYer should not attempt doing themselves.

Avoid Using Chemicals

Using chemicals to try unblock your toilet can do more harm than good – especially when you have a septic tank on your property.

Most chemical drain cleaners clear your drain by breaking down the clog with a chemical reaction. The heat created by the chemical reaction can cause the porcelain in your throne to crack. And then you might need a whole new toilet…

Plus, if the drain cleaner doesn’t work and you still have a clog, the toilet is now full of chemicals. Plunging can splash the chemicals on your skin or into your eyes, which can burn!

We highly recommend steering clear of drain clearing chemicals in general.

Do not use chemicals to unclog a toilet or drain as this may cause more damage.

Call The Experts In the Bay Of Plenty

When the above steps do not work and the blockage is more complex, or you simply do not have the time nor energy to give it a go, call our JT Plumbing and Drainage’s committed team of plumbers and drain unblocking specialists. We will unblock you fast.

Give us a call on 0800 587 586 or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

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