When do I need to use a gas fitter?

Gas hob

Having gas appliances in your home is completely safe, as long as they are installed and maintained by a certified gas fitter. It can be a bit confusing to know rules about installation and what maintenance your gas appliances need, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get from customers about gas appliances at home.

Do I need a gas fitter to install a gas appliance at my home?

Yes. It is illegal to install or alter any gas appliance in your home yourself. In fact, this
work can only be legally carried out by a NZ certified gas fitter. This includes gas fires, gas hobs, and gas water heating systems.

How do I know my gas appliance is safe once installed?

Your gas fitter will test the
appliance and issue you a gas certificate once the installation is complete. This is your verification that your appliance was correctly installed and tested by a certified gas fitter. Make sure you keep this document in a safe place.

How do I know if my gas fitter is qualified to carry out work?

All certified plumbers, drain layers and gas fitters will carry a certification card. If you have any doubts at all, ask to see this card before the gas technician starts work. When you choose JT Plumbing to carry out gas works you’ll only work with a certified gas fitter.

NZ Practising Licence Card
Image Credit: Plumbers, Drain layers & Gas Fitters Board NZ

I’m renovating my house and upgrading my current gas hob. Do I need a gas fitter?

Yes. If you need to make any changes to your gas appliances, these must be carried out by a certified gas fitter. This includes any changes to gas fires, and hot water heating systems too.

I have gas fire. Do I need to get this serviced?

Yes. We recommend you have your fire serviced every two years by a gas fitter.

Do I need to get my gas hob serviced?

Not usually. Most problems with gas hobs arise because the gas jets need a good clean. Make it part of your regular cleaning routine to take the rings off and clean out any debris etc. If it’s still not working properly, call a gas fitter to come and investigate.

gas hob for cooking

Does my infinity gas hot water system need to be serviced?

Not usually. If everything is working as it should there is no maintenance required. If you start to experience problems with your unit then give us a call to book a gas fitter.

Does my BBQ or patio heater need to be serviced?

Not usually. Be sure to turn the gas bottle off when you are not using the appliance, and regularly check the condition of connecting hoses. Regular cleaning of your BBQ will keep your jets clear and avoid any potential hazards. If you need to replace a hose, we can do this for you, just contact our team to book a technician.


How do I know my gas bottles are safe?

If you have a gas infinity hot water system, your gas bottle provider will check the condition when they replace your bottles. If they notice any maintenance needed they will let you know. When you take your BBQ gas bottles to be re-filled, the technician will always check the health of your bottles too.

What should I do if I smell gas?

Read here for information on what to do in the event of gas leak.

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