A Plumbers Guide To Bathroom Renovations

Modern bathroom with teal accents

You spend so much time in your bathroom, so it’s important to get the bathroom renovation right. So our plumbing team have created a guide to help you navigate the key plumbing elements of your project.

Is your bathroom renovation a refresh or are you changing the layout?

This is the first thing to confirm because it will help you define the scale of the project, time frames for completion and budget setting. If you’re updating the look but keeping all fittings in the same positions, this will reduce the overall cost and complexity. On the other hand if you are changing the layout, you’ll need to factor in the additional plumbing work, design costs and consents required.

What fixtures and fittings are you replacing?

Any new fixtures and fitting you select might not work with your existing inlets and outlets. On the other hand, some fittings will require re-plumbing even if they are in the same position. A good example is replacing a floor standing vanity with a wall hung vanity unit. In this scenario, your waste pipes would need to be re-positioned to hide the pipework. Don’t worry though, our plumbers will help you work through this.

Different styles of bathroom vanity
Image Credit: Mico Plumbing

Who will source your fixtures and fittings?

We always recommend you get your plumber to source the fixtures and fittings for your bathroom renovation. This makes sure you get the best quality product that’s built to last. Involving your plumber in this part of the process is invaluable. They can recommend the best product for your intended use and scope exactly what plumbing is required to install the item. This will eliminate headaches.

If you do want to purchase your fittings independently we strongly recommend you purchase via a dedicated plumbing specialist like Mico or Plumbing World. That way you can be certain your plumber will agree to install the product, and it’s covered by warranty. This means that if a fitting fails during the warranty period, it will be replaced by the plumber at no cost to you.

Unfortunately there are many cheap, inferior quality fixtures and fittings imported into New Zealand, and your plumber may decline to install it. Even worse, if that fitting fails the retailer may replace it but they won’t pick up the cost of your plumber to replace it.

Is your home on low pressure?

Many home owners who upgrade their hot water systems find they need to replace the tap ware and fittings throughout their house for mains pressure. So if you’re already replacing your shower and taps in the bathroom it’s a good idea to upgrade to mains pressure at the same time.

Do you need a building consent for your bathroom renovation?

Our plumbing team manage bathroom renovations every day, so they know when you’ll need a building consent. As a general rule there are two scenarios when you need a consent:

  1. When you are moving the position of your fixtures. Please note that you will need a licenced building practitioner (LBP) to create your designs for council approval.
  2. When you are changing the structure of the room (e.g. removing a wall).
    When you speak to us about your project we’ll be able to let you know what’s required. And if in doubt, contact your local council.

Can you be flexible with your ideas?

Some fixtures just won’t work with your current bathroom layout so it’s important to be flexible with your choices. You’d be surprised, but a toilet pan being 10mm further away from the wall could make that fixture un-workable. When you work with our team, we’ll visit you onsite and talk through your plans and ideas. That way we can advise and recommend what will work for your space, and help you choose the optimum products.

Our team are here to help you turn your bathroom renovation dreams into reality. That’s why we work closely with you from start to finish to ensure you get the best solution. Our renovation quoting process includes an onsite visit from our pricing estimator who helps you define the best solution for your space and your budget. Contact us now to discuss your bathroom renovation project.

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