Water Mains


Water main breaks can damage property and lead to expensive repairs if it’s not attended to early on. Most homeowners experience house water main problems at one point or another, and in many cases, a professional like JT Plumbing is needed in order to remedy the situation.

Usually caused by age or accident, pressure changes or corrosive soils, a break in the water main will cause water to flow out of the pipe and eventually to the surface level – whether that be the street, your front lawn or underneath your home. This could also lead to contaminated water in the home.

water main pipes

An unnoticed leak in your water main can cause extensive structural damage to your home. This can include damage to flooring and walls, mildew and mould issues, and water waste that is harmful to the environment and increases water bills.

If a leak is detected in your water main, it is important to fix the problem sooner rather than later to avoid any long-term damage.

Do you suspect a water main leak? Or do you need a new water main to be laid? Contact the experts at JT Plumbing, Drainage & Gas.

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