Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Oasis Aerated Systems utilize settling, filtration and aerobic digestion to process the effluent.

The Oasis Clearwater series 2000 is purpose built for New Zealand conditions, and through a process of filtration, settling and aerobic digestion will quickly and efficiently turn waste household water into high quality irrigation water.

The system comprises of five stages. Wastewater initially goes through two settlement chambers. From here water will flow into a high performance filter (Zabel A300) in the central aeration chamber where further biological and mechanical filtration will occur. During this process thousands of tiny air bubbles are created by the series 2000 fine air diffuser assembly. This mixes the contents of the filter at a constant rate providing essential oxygen for the aerobic digestion and cleansing process. This process will continue as water flows through until it is finally moved to the outflow chamber.

For septic tanks, we believe “every drop counts”, which is why we install Oasis Clearwater systems that are designed to provide a sustainable solution for effectively processing and recycling all domestic sewage and grey water.

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Advantages of the Aerated Wastewater System

Rated Capacity:

  • System based on an 8 Person Domestic situation.
  • Provide 2000l Hydraulic flow per day.

Home Owners:

  • Maintenance and operating costs are minimized.
  • Environmentally sustainable practice.
  • Owners quality of life enhanced by improved water quality.

Benefits for local Government:

  • Low maintenance and highly reliable systems.
  • Operating costs are minimized.
  • Increase public health and protection.

Oasis Clearwater Waste Management Systems:

  • A wastewater system to suit every environment and every need.
  • The most advance form of on-site waste water system available.
  • Separates out the solids but also filters the wastewater prior to dispersing it.
  • Simple proven technology.
  • Improved effluent quality compared to a standard septic tank.
  • Minimal working parts making it easy to maintain.
  • Designed and made in New Zealand for our conditions.
  • Economical – our air blowers use 36% less power than conventional blowers.


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