We offer a full range of water storage tank sizes, from backyard to bulk-storage.

With JT Plumbing, you’ll get a personalised solution and a rainwater tank that meets your needs.


Water storage tanks at home give you much more freedom through summer water restrictions. A rainwater tank and catchment system can allow a legally lush garden, a constantly clean car, and a guiltless slip ‘n slide.

Catching water during heavy rains protects our stormwater systems from overflowing. And with a cost of $2-3 per cube of town water, a rainwater tank can reduce your water rates too!

JT Plumbing can install any size system to suit your urban home. Read more about water supply in Tauranga & BOP in our FAQ section on this page.

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Rainwater tanks are in hot demand for homes and businesses across the Bay of Plenty. Enquire now for a no-obligation quote from the tank specialists at JT Plumbing.
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For rural properties without access to a clean bore or council water connection, rainwater storage tanks are a fact of life.

Many rural folks could have far greater water security by either taking advantage of extra rainfall on shed roofs, or by increasing water storage tank capacity in their existing system.

For new-build rural homes, JT Plumbing can be your partner from design through to completion. We will ensure your water storage tanks are appropriately sized, filtered and plumbed in to your new home.


When it comes to the business of water, farmers and growers know the value of having enough – and the cost of not.

JT Plumbing have a solid history of large-scale agricultural water storage tank installations. We offer long-lasting, cost-effective rainwater tank solutions across the Bay of Plenty.

Get in touch with our professional team today to discuss your water storage needs.

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Benefits of a residential water tank

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Reducing your

water rates bill

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Protecting stormwater

systems from heavy rain

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Avoiding outdoor

water restrictions

Frequently asked questions

Water storage tanks are becoming more and more popular, and they’re naturally tricky to make. You’ll find that all the good-quality tank manufacturers have a wait time of up to 12 months. Rainwater tanks are almost always sold before they’re made in NZ.

Luckily for you, JT Plumbing has great relationships with NZ’s three leading manufacturers of water storage tanks: RX Plastics, Promax Plastics and Devan Plastics. We may not have to wait as long as retail customers, but orders still need to be placed well in advance.

Protect your access to the most basic of life’s necessities: water. Take advantage of our business and industry connections and order a complete water storage tank solution for the near future today.

‘Water Watchers’ is the new Tauranga City Council (TCC) plan to ensure water supply year-round. Highlights include only one hour use of handheld hose watering in the evening from December through April, and zero use of sprinklers over the same period.

Washing down hard surfaces with a hose is also completely banned from November through March. Even using a pressure washer/water blaster is unlawful from December through March.

All these restrictions are only applicable to town water/mains water, though. If you store rainwater from your roof’s downpipes in a tank, you’re allowed to use it as and when you please!

We provide a comprehensive range of water storage tank sizes, so you can be sure you’ll get a personalised solution and a water tank that meets your property’s capacity and needs. Get around water restrictions by storing your own!

If you have an irrigation system, it’s important to understand that under TCC’s Water Watchers plan it’s unlawful to use mains water for irrigation or sprinklers from December to March. Heavy restrictions on sprinklers and irrigations systems remain in place the entire year.

The only legal way to use irrigation or sprinklers any time you like in Tauranga is by storing rainwater in a tank.

JT Plumbing makes it easy. We can recommend and install a rainwater tank system that meets your requirements and water collection capacity.

Tauranga isn’t unique for having serious water restrictions. Municipal water supplies in towns like Omokoroa, Katikati, Te Puke, Te Puna, Pukehina, Maketu, Paengaroa, Waihi Beach and Athenree all face severe water shortages when we get a prolonged dry spell.

Each of these centres is linked to one of the Western Bay of Plenty water reticulation systems, and because they have different catchments to Tauranga, they run dry at different times of year.

If you’re outside these towns, you’re probably already using a rainwater tank to supply your home, and you may have experienced the stress of having a low tank level.

The Bay of Plenty gets a considerable amount of rain over the long term. On average, Western Bay residents receive between 1.3m and 2.3m of rainfall annually. For a family home with a 150m2 roof, that equates to around 200,000 L of water per year, give or take.

But you still need the capacity to store water during the rainy season, and the more you store, the longer the drought you can handle.

No matter if water restrictions are council-mandated or self-imposed, having water storage tanks can save the life of your garden, allow you to clean the car or house outside during summer, and generally make life easier.


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