installing water tanks in tauranga

At JT Plumbing we have the experience to help you select the best solution when you need reliable water storage from water tanks in Tauranga or at a rural location.   

We provide a full range of water tank sizes so you can be sure you get a personal solution and a water tank that meets your needs.

Why do you need a water tank?

There are many reasons and benefits to get a water tank installed:

  • Irrigation of your garden from rain water
  • Water filtration
  • Emergency water supply for civil defence emergencies
  • New homes

Talk to us about your concerns and requirements and we will help you get a water tank system you can rely on!

Supply and installation of water tanks in Tauranga

Just like with septic tank installations, we provide supply and installation of your water tank to ensure your installation is hassle free.

The plastic tanks are built by RX Plastics and are of a sturdy and incredibly reliable design.

Set up of your water tanks

JT Plumbing will connect all downpipes and pumps, fill with water and provide water filtration so you are good to go straight away.

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Water Tank Info

RX Water Tanks are approved and certified to the Standard -AS/NZS 4766:2006 – ApprovalMark International Ltd.
RX Water Tanks meet the highest design and manufacturing standards and our tanks are tested and fully guaranteed.
Quick inspection via large 400mm diameter lid
Tanks are supplied without fittings or pre-drilled holes.
For water use 1 SG only (1m3 = 1000kgs water)
For potable water storage between 1 – 23 degrees
All tanks are supplied with a clip on lid
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your needs, our range of water tanks, and to organise a free quote from
one of our team’s water tank specialists.

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