Essential Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checks

Garden ideas

Spring is on the way (even if it doesn’t feel like it) so now is the best time to carry out essential plumbing maintenance checks outside to get ready for summer. Avoid headaches by following our simple tips below.

Check the condition of all exterior taps

As the weather gets warmer we’ll be outside more, watering the garden, cleaning the cars and filling paddling pools for the kids. So making sure your outside taps are in good condition is key. Check for any drips, leaks or signs of corrosion. If you see any of these symptoms, now is the time get these taps fixed before you start using them heavily.

Hosing the garden

Clear out your guttering

Winter storms blow all sorts of debris into your guttering. Now is a good time to get up on that ladder (safely) and give them a good clear out. Although we tend to experience less rain over summer, the Bay of Plenty does get tropical storms which can cause lots of problems if guttering is blocked.

Check your drains, soak holes and sumps

Just like your guttering, these can get obstructed over winter without noticing. Be sure to clear away any debris.

Tidy up your garden

We’re all guilty of neglecting the garden over the winter which results in loose garden debris accumulating. The accumulation itself isn’t an issue, but heavy rain can dislodge it and carry it to your drains resulting in obstructions and blockages. So even if your drains are clear, that can change quickly in heavy rain.

Working in the garden

Clean the area around your heat pump condenser

Make sure this area is free of debris and obstructions that could stop your unit working as an air conditioner in summer.

Check the condition of rain water tanks

If you have rain water tanks at your home, check there are no blockages and that the overflow pipe is correctly filling the tank.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your home plumbing or drainage, take some photos on your phone to share with us and contact the team

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