5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Design

The bathroom is the most important room in the house. Think about it. Whether it’s to shower, wash your hands, use the toilet or do a final check in the mirror, your bathroom is a staple part of your everyday life. We give you 5 good reasons why it’s important to renovate or remodel your bathroom:

1. Your Bathroom Is Old

The rule of thumb is to renovate your bathroom (and kitchen) every 10 years. Not only to update the look but to tend to possible other underlying issues as well. Bathrooms past their use-by date tend to have leaky showers, mould, loose wall tiles and floor tiles needing some love. A common scenario is when tiles re unable to be matched when doing a repair simply because they are not made anymore. Renovating an old bathroom won’t just make it look better, but it will also ensure that the fixtures and fittings like your shower, toilet, taps and bath are working properly without leaking or seepage.

2. The Most Important Room In The House

If you get down to the nitty-gritty, you can sleep and cook a meal in any room in the house, but you can’t go to the toilet anywhere except the bathroom. Having a functional and stylish bathroom space that offers everything you want, and need is a great reason to give your bathroom a facelift. Also, if you’re looking at selling your home, a lot of buyers consider the bathroom one of the most important rooms they look at.

Stylish bathroom

3. An Updated Bathroom Adds Value

Focusing their attention on only renovating kitchens and living areas is a huge mistake many homeowners make. According to Property Brokers, if a bathroom needs an upgrade, all prospective buyers will see are big dollar signs – decreasing the value of your home. A bathroom renovation is widely considered to increase the value of the home significantly.

4. Renovations Open Up The Space

A great bathroom makeover can turn a small, cluttered space into a practical and functional room that looks much bigger and better than before. Redesigning the structure of your bathroom, along with the placement of fixtures and fittings, can change the whole dynamic of the room and open up the space into something completely new.

Feature basin in bathroom

5. Your Shower Is Leaking

A leaky shower is generally due to poor workmanship, products not installed to manufacturers specifications, or movement in the structure. If your shower was installed in the 1980s or 1990s, chances are that your waterproofing may be non-existent. You can consider just a repair, however, the process is quite involved and, if your shower is old, it is likely that the repairs will be very obvious. Instead, a bathroom renovation will ensure your shower repairs aren’t obvious and your whole bathroom will be matching and stylish.

Want To Renovate?

If you are wanting to renovate your bathroom, but you’re not sure where to start? Please contact JT Plumbing. Between all of our staff, we have well over 150 years of plumbing experience, and all the industry knowledge that comes with it.

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